Milano Bakery Wholesale Products

Milano Bakery in Joliet, Illinois supplies fresh-baked wholesale products to most of Chicago and its surrounding counties to the  largest grocery store chains, independent grocery stores, and better area restaurants.

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Milano Bakery Wholesale Product List

Milano Bakery is a full line scratch bakery. If you don’t see something on the menu, please inquire.

Sliced Vienna, 1#
Italian, 1# – seasonal
Texas Toast, White 1 1/2#
Texas Toast, Brioche 2#
Texas Toast, Seeded 1 1/2#
Wheat, Pullman 1 1/2#
Wheat, Pullman Lengthwise
White, Pullman 1 1/2#
White, Pullman Lengthwise
Cinnamon Raisin, 2#
Brioche, 2#
Sourdough, 2#
Pumpernickel, 2#
Marble, 2#
Marble, 2# Texas Cut 3/4″
Rye, 2#
Wheat 2#
Wheat, Oatmeal 2#
Sour, 2# Thick Sliced 1″
Panini, 3#
Bread Bowl, 8oz Sour 4ct
Kaiser, Jumbo 8ct

French Rolls
Regular French, approx 28-30 in
French Roll, 4″ Wheat 6ct *moq
French Roll, 4″ 6ct
French Roll, 4″ 12ct
French Roll, 6″ 6ct
French Roll, 6″ 12ct
French Roll, 6″ par-bake 12ct
French Roll, 6″ Wheat 6ct *moq
French Roll, 8″ 6ct

Sub Rolls
Sub, Pretzel 8″ 6ct
Sub, 7″ Multigrain 12ct
Sub, 12″ Multigrain 8ct
Sub, 10″ 8ct
Sub, 12″ 6ct
Sub, 3′

Hamburger Buns
Bolillos Buns 12ct
Hams, Chopper Whopper 12ct
Hams, Small 12ct
Hams, 8ct
Hams, Concession 12ct- seasonal
Hams, 4″ 8ct
Hams, 5″ Double Cut 8ct
Hams, Seeded 8ct
Hams, Jm Seeded 8ct
Hams, Jumbo 12ct
Hams, Jm Oat Wheat 12ct
Hams, 4oz Pretzel 8ct
Hams, 4″ Brioche Onion 8ct
Hams, 4″ Brioche 8ct
Hams, 6ct, Pina Colada Brioche

Hot Dog & Sausage Buns
Hots, 8ct
Hots, Bulk 16ct
Hots, Concession 16pk
Hots, Poppy 8ct
Hots, Footlong 8ct *moq
Sausage Rolls, 6ct *moq

*moq = Minimum order require.
Please inquire for details

Dinner Rolls
Dinner, Assorted 24ct
Dinner, Plain 24ct
Dinner, Plain Cluster 24ct
Dinner, Kaiser 12ct
Dinner, Wheat 12ct
Dinner, Pretzel 12ct
Dinner, Rye 12ct

Bread Sticks
Bread Sticks, Plain 18ct
Mini Butter Bread Sticks, 12ct
Pretzel Soft Twist, 8 1/2 oz 6ct
Pretzel Soft Twist X-Large, 1ct
Torpedo, each
Paesano, each

Bread Crumbs
Bread Crumbs, 50lb (plain)
Bread Cubes, 3lb – seasonal

Ciabatta & Focaccia
Ciabatta Tomato 4″, 12ct
Ciabatta, 4″ 12ct
Ciabatta, 8″ 6ct
Focaccia, 4oz Round Tomato – 10ct
Focaccia, Herb – 5lb Sheet

Conewich Bread Cones
4″ White Conewich, 80ct – *moq
5″ White Conewich, 70ct – *moq
5″ Cinnamon Dessert, 70ct – *moq
6″ White Conewich, 24ct – *moq
6″ White Conewich, 60ct – *moq

The following products are packaged & ready for retail sales:

1lb Italian
1lb Sliced Vienna

Hot Dog Buns
8ct and 16ct Hot dog buns

Hamburger Buns
8ct Hamburger buns
12ct Jumbo Hamburger buns
6ct, Pina Colada Brioche Ham

6ct and 12ct 4″ French rolls
6ct and 12ct-6″ French rolls
8ct Jumbo Kaiser rolls

1lb Potica

Contact the Milano Bakery Wholesale Office at 815-727-4872 to place your order today.

Milano Bakery Wholesale Delivery map

Milano Bakery’s Wholesale Delivery Service Area

Milano Bakery is located in Joliet, Illinois. We service and deliver fresh-baked bakery products to all of Will County as well as Kane County, DuPage County, Cook County, Lake County, Kankakee County, Grundy County and Kendall County with a fleet of delivery trucks that provide fast, prompt wholesale bakery delivery five days a week.

Call us today at 815-727-4872 for details on what we can create just for you.

Conewich© Products & Co-Packing Services

Aside from our delivery routes, Milano Bakery is licensed to manufacture Conewich© Products and offers co-packing services to several bakeries and grocery stores, with even several products available at DOT Foods.

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We specialize in creating custom bakery products specific to your needs.

Call us today 815-727-4872 for details on what we can create just for you.

Milano Bakery Wholesale Office

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433 S. Chicago Street
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9:00am – 3:00pm

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